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Enhancing Cataloging of Electronic Government Documents with Programming and OpenAI

The advent of AI products like OpenAI ChatGPT has surged into the learning and library scenes, prompting us to contemplate how to harness these advances to enhance our work and envision the future of our endeavors. Especially within the domain of electronic resources and born-digital materials, developers have utilized their programming skills to extract essential resource descriptors from source files. The fusion of these programming skills with AI technologies empowers metadata and cataloging professionals to redefine and automate their workflows to a certain extent, resulting in increased efficiency.

This presentation aims to demonstrate the experiments we did, utilizing Python and OpenAI APIs to enhance the efficiency of cataloging electronic government publications in the MARC format. We will not only present our ongoing research and discuss the challenges we’ve met but also engage in an insightful dialogue concerning the potential impact of these technologies on the evolution of cataloging practices in the future.


4:00 PM
10 minutes