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Attend Code4Lib

Code4Lib will be held from May 13th to May 16th this year.

Health Guidance

All attendees are expected to abide by the University of Michigan's COVID-19 Policies & Guidance.

Can't attend in person?

Presentations will be streamed and archived on our YouTube channel after the conference has ended. Please be sure to thank our volunteers that make this happen.

For 2024, there are two options for participating remotely.

  • Option 1 - Watch the presentations streamed to the code4lib YouTube channel and subscribe to the #code4libcon Slack channel to engage in discussions with all attendees during the conference. There is no fee for this option and no registration required.
  • Option 2 - Register online as a “Conference T-Shirt ONLY Attendee”, pay the appropriate registration fee based on your registration date (see above for fees), and receive the same conference t-shirt that in-person attendees receive. If you choose this registration type, you'll watch and engage in the conference in the same manner as outlined in Option 1, above. NOTE: “Conference T-Shirt ONLY Attendee” registration is NOT required to participate in the conference, as outlined in Option 1 above.

Workshops will be in-person only.

Social Media and "Back Channels"

You can also connect with us via Slack (sign up here), Twitter, and IRC.