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Integrating Digital Library Platforms: The DIY Approach

What’s more frustrating than setting up a library system? Setting up TWO library systems! Especially when they won’t talk to each other.

When the Video Game History Foundation started building their library, they had trouble getting their archives management platform (ArchivesSpace) to play nicely with their digital repository (Preservica). While Preservica has built-in integration features for ArchivesSpace, the VGHF team wanted more flexibility and functionality than what the official tools could offer. Using the APIs for both platforms, they developed their own CLI program that gives them more control over how they synchronize metadata.

In this talk, you’ll hear from the odd couple of VGHF’s library team — an academic librarian and a platform engineer — about how they combined their skillsets to build a tool that worked better than the off-the-shelf solution. Will the engineer learn how to do a MODS crosswalk? Will the librarian learn how to debug Python?


2:00 PM
15 minutes