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Move Fast and Fill Things: Using Python for Full-Text Retrieval

In 2022, a growing systematic review service at a 5 -person academic health sciences library prompted staff to seek creative ways to manage workload while still providing comprehensive service. Access Services staff, who were novice but enthusiastic coders, developed a Python script to expedite retrieval of licensed and Open Access full-text articles (sometimes numbering in the hundreds) for the review teams. After incorporating more complex Python libraries and API connections to dramatically reduce retrieval time, staff were inspired to adapt the script for interlibrary loan services. This streamlined lending processes in a way that increased the volume of filled requests while decreasing the overall time commitment. With such a small, versatile team, staff time is paramount, and this opened up opportunities for additional projects and responsibilities. Staff continue to refine the script and adapt it in new ways.


4:50 PM
10 minutes