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Rethinking Digital Asset Management at University of Texas with OCFL in Fedora 6

We at University of Texas at Austin Libraries are leveraging the standards-based format, OCFL (via Fedora), to create modular and easily maintained digital repositories. To address pain points maintaining, enhancing, and especially migrating our services over the years, we are rethinking how we build them from the ground up. We are using standards-based formats like OCFL to create modular, API-driven repositories that can be upgraded or replaced without compromising the data preserved within. Additionally, over the past few years, we have transitioned to Kubernetes and this has had a large impact on how we look at our app architecture as a whole. We’d like to share our experiences and outcomes reconstructing a repository with this mindset last year, and how we are applying the lessons learned to our current and future projects.


4:45 PM
10 minutes