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The Art and Science of Perfectly Tolerable Web Forms

No one loves filling out web forms. Too often, they’re annoying, frustrating, or downright diabolical. But web forms don’t have to be this way! In this hands-on workshop, we’ll cover how to improve forms like the “Contact Us” or “Petition a Fine” forms you might have on your institution’s website. We’ll cover practical design considerations, wording choices, and technical details that will help keep your website’s forms a painless experience for your users. Using plenty of good (and ghastly) examples, we’ll consider everything from titles to error messages to automated emails. We’ll also touch on how to collaborate productively with your colleagues when co-creating a form. I’m excited to share my passion for web forms with you and help you ensure that your users find your forms perfectly tolerable. Every form on a library’s website can benefit from this workshop’s practical usability improvements!

Attendee Requirements: Bring a laptop. No software or specialty skills needed.



9:00am - 12:00pm
Eastern Time
North Quad - Room 2435