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Beyond DSpace: DSpace-CRIS & DSpace-GLAM as extended datamodels

Digital repositories play a pivotal role in managing and disseminating scholarly and cultural content, with DSpace emerging as a prominent open-source platform. However, the ecosystem of DSpace has evolved with specialized extensions developed by 4Science called DSpace-CRIS and DSpace-GLAM, each tailored to distinct domains. DSpace serves as the foundation, offering core repository functionalities for academic institutions. DSpace-CRIS extends this by integrating Current Research Information Systems, facilitating comprehensive research management. Conversely, DSpace-GLAM caters to galleries, libraries, archives, and museums, focusing on the preservation and discovery of cultural heritage collections.

This poster session provides a comparative analysis of DSpace, and its extensions DSpace-CRIS, and DSpace-GLAM, elucidating their unique features and functionalities. While all three share DSpace’s core capabilities, they diverge in their extensions. DSpace-CRIS empowers institutions with advanced research management tools, enabling the aggregation and showcasing of scholarly activities. In contrast, DSpace-GLAM addresses the specialized needs of cultural heritage institutions, facilitating the digitization and dissemination of diverse heritage collections.

Understanding these distinctions enables institutions to align their repository platforms with their specific objectives, whether in academia or cultural heritage preservation. By exploring the diversity within DSpace, stakeholders can make informed decisions to optimize their digital repository infrastructure.


3:30 PM