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Case Study, Jr.: How Digital Preservation System Designs Can Impact Workflows

How might an institution work around the limitations of their digital preservation system? As an example, or mini-case study, I will explain how our organization, Rice University, modified our archival information packages to work with our preservation system’s ingest process. In this case, we are using Archivematica to properly store our digital archival packages. The system can only ingest packages that are around 30 GB in size. However, we have several collections that are significantly larger. For example, the Houston Asian American Archive’s digital collection is over 590 GB. How can we ingest this collection when there is a 30 GB threshold per package? Through much trial and error, we devised a workflow that allows us to split our package into multiple parts and use the preservation system to link the parts to back to each other. With this poster, Rice will happily share how we accomplished this task.


3:30 PM