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Where should I study? How to help students discover and access the right library study spaces for their needs.

The University of Michigan Library launched their shiny new website in 2018, and while it was an incredibly successful redesign, there were still a few finishing touches missing. Many well-respected universities, including The University of Cambridge and Harvard University, have implemented a searchable and filterable study space finder to help students on campus find places to study that fit their unique needs, and we wanted to make one too! We designed a prototype, using our design system, of our own study space finder based on an evaluation of similar systems. Our team conducted two rounds of user interviews with 25 U-M students to first assess user needs and generate requirements for our design, and then to evaluate our design with an interactive prototype to ensure it would meet the needs of U-M students. When developed and launched in the near future, we expect this system will be a great resource for the U-M community!


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