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Code4Lib is committed to continuous improvement of the accessibility of its conference experience for both on-site and virtual attendees. We welcome feedback and suggestions for this ongoing effort.

Accommodation Requests or Questions

Contact with any questions, concerns, or accommodation requests related to the conference.

Presentation Accessibility

Code4Lib encourages all of its presenters to produce and deliver accessible talks. A guide to accessible presentations will be available soon. Towards this efforts, we have collected a body of advice and best practices:

Code4Lib Accessible Presenting Guide

Microphone Usage

The single greatest act you can to do to promote accessibility at Code4Lib 2024 is to use the microphone. It doesn't matter if you think you are loud or you can project, you should use the microphone. It benefits everyone:

  • When a speaker uses the mic properly, you all hear them better.
  • When you ask a question with a mic, the speaker and everyone else hears your question.
  • Using the mic ensures everyone livestreaming or watching recorded talks can share the C4L experience.
  • Using the mic improves the quality of the live captioning feed.

Using a Microphone

Generally, the line of the microphone should always point towards your mouth and nose. For a handheld mic, hold it like a candy bar or at a 45 degree angle. Position a podium mic towards you.

Conference Venues

More information forthcoming.


Public Transportation

Transportation info here.